Blink and you’ll miss it…

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Second year of uni has gone by in a blur.  We’re now 5 taught weeks away from the end of the semester and assignments are rushing up thick and fast.  This is just a quick update to say how second year has gone so far.

This last year has so far been pretty successful.  I took more time off work in first semester to concentrate on uni work and I came out of first semester on track for a 2:1! Last semester was possibly one of the most enjoyable semesters I have had at YSJ, all of my modules were well run and for a change I felt like I had time to breathe and organise my life in the way I wanted.

This semester my part time job has taken over once again. Working 25+ hour weeks on top of university and hoping all my assignments will be done in time.  One positive of this semester is my linguistics module which is e-communication. Researching people’s online profiles and investigating how the online world is changing our language is one of the areas of linguistics that I have been most interested in throughout my time at uni.

There’s now only 2 taught weeks left until Easter break and my diary is pretty much packed for the rest of the term.  Currently I’m sat with a coffee, staring at an outline for my first deadline of the semester, procrastinating putting any words down on paper till I actually understand the theories behind my research and hoping that my study playlist will actually motivate me to begin writing.

For now at least, uni is taking priority over all my activities (including this blog) so it might be a while before I catch up with my post schedule again!

Lets hope we have a more organised end to the semester …


Prepping for Uni – Second Year

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Being a fresher was stressful, so going into second year I know I can’t afford to make the same mistakes I did last year.  It turns out that being on an English degree requires quite a lot of reading. Reading that takes up hours and hours of your life. Reading that is not always as straight forward as picking up an easy to read book and sitting for hours till it’s done. So, this year I decided to get ahead.

The reading lists for my two book-heavy modules were published around a month ago, giving me the chance to purchase and get a healthy start on most of the texts. I know that as soon as first semester starts I will be too busy going to class and my part time job to get any of my reading done. Trying to read 2 books a week as well as going to university and my part-time job alongside food shopping, cleaning and generally living is a lot to juggle. As well as pre-reading all of my books before semester starts I also decided to create summaries so I don’t forget what each text is about before the week I need to know.

Alongside preparing for classes at uni I have also been getting ready to move into a new house. In first year, I lived in university accommodation but this year I am renting privately with 2 friends. There is a lot more to consider when you are moving into a house compared to halls.  For example, you have to be prepared for paying bills on your own, arranging insurance, and the entire logistics of the move in general.

Overall preparing for second year has been a lot smoother and calmer than last year. In some ways moving back to York again in September will feel familiar. I now know the city and the university quite well rather than being thrown into a completely new environment like I was last year.  Move in date for my new house is set for the 1st of September and honestly, I can’t wait to get back and settle into the messy routine of uni life again.

First Year at YSJ

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Currently, it’s May 2017 and I have just moved out of my flat at York St John University. Since September 2016 I have lived at Percy’s Lane which is roughly a 15 minute walk from university, if you know the shortcut that is, which for the first few weeks of uni I definitely did not.  Percy’s Lane is one of the two biggest accommodation sites at York St John, and as a result, one of the rowdiest after a night out in the city.

Student night is practically every night in York. Between Kuda, Pop World, Fibbers and Salvation, the entire week is filled with loud music and cheap drinks. These four are the most popular clubs for freshers at St John’s, however none of them compare to The Stone Roses Bar.  Stone Roses has pretty much everything you could want in a night out, provided that you’re an indie music lover.  With cheap drinks and a lively crowd every night, there’s no better place to start or end your night than in Stone Roses. The large majority of my nights out as a fresher have resulted in going there at some point during the night, simply because it has one of the best atmospheres of any bar in York.

Although York St John wasn’t necessarily my first choice of university for this year, I wouldn’t change the last year or transfer from YSJ for anything or anyone. Nobody can deny that York is a beautiful city. Where else in the UK can you live inside the boundary of ancient city walls whilst still being surrounded by modern architecture and bustling city life. In York you are never very far from the huge selection of pubs, restaurants, shops and the giant masterpiece which is York Minster.

As far as the work load at YSJ is concerned, the last two semesters have been reasonably relaxed. Having only 9 hours of classes a week means that there is plenty of time where you aren’t required to be anywhere at university.  Therefore, there is plenty of time to work on assignments, revise for exams and do almost anything else that you want to do. Towards the last semester however, with an exam and two other deadlines approaching all in the same week, it was harder to find time to relax and forget about everything. However after spending 10 minutes grabbing a coffee at uni I was usually fine again and that was all I needed to keep me focused and awake, just as long as I didn’t have too much which to be honest is a regular occurrence for me.

As for now I’m sat at home writing this after unpacking the majority of my things into my room, trying to decide where I’m going to put the mountain of books I have accumulated this year. Being back in Barnsley for the next few months is going to be quiet compared to life in York.  However, after some time away, I know I’ll be more excited than ever to go back to the city I’ve fallen in love with.