Stranger Things 2 (Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

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Stranger Things has taken a very different turn in the brand new season, released October 27th 2017.  Will is back, new girl max and her brother have arrived in town, and Bob, Joyce’s love interest this season, is new to the show.

As one of the most popular series on Netflix of last two years, Stranger Things has brought a retro feel to the Sci-fi world in a new, yet nostalgically brilliant way. It is a combination of comedy and engaging real world issues, wrapped up inside the small American town of Hawkins. In the new season of Stranger Things 2, issues such as racism and abuse are key aspects of the storyline, as well as the continuing themes of bullying which are present in the initial season. Aside from the programme itself, when it comes to real life, the actors in the show are continually dealing with issues of sexualisation and racism. Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is the focus of attention as she is continually sexualised by the media and public despite being only 13 years old.

Millie Bobby Brown

Source: IMBd


The new season brings out a darker side of Millie’s character, with Eleven’s return to Hawkins and adventure across the US.  This season the episodes almost have a disjointed feel, created by the dual narrative which takes place during a large part of the season.  The multiple storylines are a confusing part of the new season, in the sense that the secondary narrative in some way detracts from the main events of the season.  Despite the development of Eleven’s character, you might find yourself wishing her episodes were shorter, just to get back to Hawkins.

As a whole, the new season of Stranger Things has been a mixed bag, with several episodes resulting in disappointment after the year long wait. Ending on a cliffhanger once again, season two will not be the last we see from the Stranger Things cast, and despite the unusual format of this season, the lure of the upside down is too strong to resist.


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