Grow your own Forest (literally)

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Forest is an app available on IOS and Android designed to help you focus and spend time away from your smart phone.

This is an app I recently re-discovered through a recommendation from one of my classmates at University and so far I have found it extremely useful. The app is designed so that your phone and notifications (apart from the app itself) are off limits to you for a period of time which you select. Depending on the time you select, you have a choice of different virtual trees and plants to grow in your own forest. If you leave the app to look at anything on your phone the tree dies and you have to start over. This method of encouragement to concentrate or spend time away from your phone really works as there are consequences if you fail.

Apart from the virtual forrest, there are also real-life implications for this app. After you have earned a specific number of coins, you have the choice to spend them on having a real tree planted in Africa through the charity Trees For The Future.  Therefore keeping consistently can now become a real benefit for the environment.

Personally I am going to persevere with the app as it has real lasting benefits for myself and the charity.


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