Prepping for Uni – Second Year

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Being a fresher was stressful, so going into second year I know I can’t afford to make the same mistakes I did last year.  It turns out that being on an English degree requires quite a lot of reading. Reading that takes up hours and hours of your life. Reading that is not always as straight forward as picking up an easy to read book and sitting for hours till it’s done. So, this year I decided to get ahead.

The reading lists for my two book-heavy modules were published around a month ago, giving me the chance to purchase and get a healthy start on most of the texts. I know that as soon as first semester starts I will be too busy going to class and my part time job to get any of my reading done. Trying to read 2 books a week as well as going to university and my part-time job alongside food shopping, cleaning and generally living is a lot to juggle. As well as pre-reading all of my books before semester starts I also decided to create summaries so I don’t forget what each text is about before the week I need to know.

Alongside preparing for classes at uni I have also been getting ready to move into a new house. In first year, I lived in university accommodation but this year I am renting privately with 2 friends. There is a lot more to consider when you are moving into a house compared to halls.  For example, you have to be prepared for paying bills on your own, arranging insurance, and the entire logistics of the move in general.

Overall preparing for second year has been a lot smoother and calmer than last year. In some ways moving back to York again in September will feel familiar. I now know the city and the university quite well rather than being thrown into a completely new environment like I was last year.  Move in date for my new house is set for the 1st of September and honestly, I can’t wait to get back and settle into the messy routine of uni life again.


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