Pretty Little Liars: Till Death Do Us Part.

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The final ever episode of Pretty Little Liars aired last week on the 27th June. This was an episode in which fans hoped some of the mysteries from the last seven seasons would finally be explained. Unfortunately, it is clear from the wide reaction on social media that this last episode was largely a disappointment and after following the programme for years, sadly I feel the same.

The finale left many questions unanswered. It also featured a shockingly clichéd ending which I personally think added nothing of value to the episode but opened up questions over a possible PLL spin-off series.

So here are my seven main issues with Till Death Do Us Part:

1. Alex Drake 

Despite the gaping plot holes there was one thing that bothered most fans of Pretty Little Liars more than anything, and that was Alex Drake. More specifically the obviously fake accent that Troian Bellisario had adopted for the character. The accent completely destroyed any moments of suspense between Alex and the other characters by having the audience crying with laughter. The effect of the accent should definitely have been more carefully considered by the directors before filming.

The secondary issue with Alex Drake (A.D) is that she was only introduced during the final episode of the season. Despite the evil twin theory being popular online before the finale, it was possibly one of the weakest ways to reveal A.D. Personally I feel that A.D should have been a character who was heavily involved in the entire last season, instead of being introduced within the finale and explaining her entire back story. Surely one of the existing characters would have resulted in a more shocking twist.

2.  The Basement 

During one of the previous seasons the mums were all trapped in a basement by A. At some point the mums all get free from the basement however it is never revealed how. During the rehearsal dinner for  Ezra and Aria’s wedding this is brought up again but still left without an answer for the audience. Why this loose end hasn’t been resolved is unclear.

3. Jenna and Bashful 

The problem of the twins in the season finale is further complicated by Jenna and Bashful the horse. There is some confusion over why these two characters in specific were able to tell the difference between Spencer and Alex but yet Toby, Ezra and the Liars all couldn’t. Toby has possibly been the closest to Spencer throughout all the seasons and for him to only work out that Alex wasn’t her through a book was questionably weak.

4. A.D Discovery 

The discovery of A was a long process. The complicated backstory behind A , Alison and all of the liars took literally years to develop, both in the real-life process and in the character’s story lines. This long process made logical sense as the characters had time to fully explain the events of the show. What did not make sense was the rapid discovery of A.D and the location in which she had Ezra and Spencer trapped.  Why did Alex reveal herself and her location to Mona so easily? This is possibly the most confusing part of the entire plot. This fast paced discovery is the reason why Alex’s backstory is rushed, leaving supporters of the programme disappointed that A.D was a brand new character.

5. Wren 

Throughout the show Wren is a character who appears many times. It is revealed during the season finale that he is also a character who cannot be trusted due to his strong loyalties to Alex. It is also disclosed within the episode that Wren is the father of Alison’s twin babies. Although this is an excellent twist to the show, the fact that Ali and Emily never discover this is somewhat problematic.

It is also unclear whether or not the other characters, beside from Spencer and Alex, ever hear of Wren’s death or the fact that Alex turned his ashes into a diamond. There is also the question over what happened to the Wren diamond after Alex’s arrest.

6. The Wedding

Throughout the numerous seasons, Aria’s character has always been supported by her family.  Family and relationships is the main theme which follows Aria in her entire storyline. Therefore arguably the biggest plot hole in the narrative is Mike’s absence from the wedding. Considering the importance of family to Aria as a character, her brother missing her own wedding is ridiculous.

Another flaw with the wedding scene is the interruption of the service by I.Marlene King. Although the writers and directors most likely assumed that she had a right to be in the final ever episode after all of the work she has done on the show, personally I feel that the way she was presented was too obvious and broke up the natural flow of the scene.

7. The Final Scene

Potentially the worst part of the episode was the ending. Although it refers back to the very first series, in which Alison disappears from the barn, the style of ending has been heavily overdone.  Personally, the ending was far too similar to the end of Mean Girls. It was almost a complete copy of the ending. The ending also detracts from the completeness of the programme. If the episode had ended with Mona, Alex and Mary then it would have been a near perfect end, regardless of the other issues.


Despite all of these flaws with the final episode, the last seven years of Pretty Little Liars has been a rollercoaster of emotion. Although the end was inevitable , PLL will always be one of my favourite TV shows of all time and will be missed by many fans around the world.






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