First Year at YSJ

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Currently, it’s May 2017 and I have just moved out of my flat at York St John University. Since September 2016 I have lived at Percy’s Lane which is roughly a 15 minute walk from university, if you know the shortcut that is, which for the first few weeks of uni I definitely did not.  Percy’s Lane is one of the two biggest accommodation sites at York St John, and as a result, one of the rowdiest after a night out in the city.

Student night is practically every night in York. Between Kuda, Pop World, Fibbers and Salvation, the entire week is filled with loud music and cheap drinks. These four are the most popular clubs for freshers at St John’s, however none of them compare to The Stone Roses Bar.  Stone Roses has pretty much everything you could want in a night out, provided that you’re an indie music lover.  With cheap drinks and a lively crowd every night, there’s no better place to start or end your night than in Stone Roses. The large majority of my nights out as a fresher have resulted in going there at some point during the night, simply because it has one of the best atmospheres of any bar in York.

Although York St John wasn’t necessarily my first choice of university for this year, I wouldn’t change the last year or transfer from YSJ for anything or anyone. Nobody can deny that York is a beautiful city. Where else in the UK can you live inside the boundary of ancient city walls whilst still being surrounded by modern architecture and bustling city life. In York you are never very far from the huge selection of pubs, restaurants, shops and the giant masterpiece which is York Minster.

As far as the work load at YSJ is concerned, the last two semesters have been reasonably relaxed. Having only 9 hours of classes a week means that there is plenty of time where you aren’t required to be anywhere at university.  Therefore, there is plenty of time to work on assignments, revise for exams and do almost anything else that you want to do. Towards the last semester however, with an exam and two other deadlines approaching all in the same week, it was harder to find time to relax and forget about everything. However after spending 10 minutes grabbing a coffee at uni I was usually fine again and that was all I needed to keep me focused and awake, just as long as I didn’t have too much which to be honest is a regular occurrence for me.

As for now I’m sat at home writing this after unpacking the majority of my things into my room, trying to decide where I’m going to put the mountain of books I have accumulated this year. Being back in Barnsley for the next few months is going to be quiet compared to life in York.  However, after some time away, I know I’ll be more excited than ever to go back to the city I’ve fallen in love with.


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